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Streetlinks, your helpful AMC partner!
April 6th, 2011 10:08 AM

Here is an email I got from Streetlinks yesterday.  I am signed up with them and have been for years, but I don't get any work -- my fees are too high.  But I found it interesting that they really don't need me, since their BPO business is doing so well! 


Join the StreetLinks Price Opinion Team!

FACT: Millions of Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) & Competitive Market Analyses (CMAs) Will be Performed in 2011.

If you're an active, licensed real-estate professional with proven experience performing price opinions in today's market, your business could substantially improve in 2011 by partnering with us.

>> Click HERE to Sign Up!

StreetLinks is America's fastest growing valuation provider, currently servicing many of the nation's leading lenders. We experienced 500%+ growth in the "down market" of 2010 as a direct result of our commitment to a business model that puts partnership first - with our clients and our vendor-partners.

We're poised to do the same in the BPO market. We are launching our national BPO platform with great market response. View our recent press release to learn more.

Why StreetLinks:

  • Payment directly deposited to your account within 72 hours of report completion
  • Fast, easy online report completion and submission
  • No fees for signup, membership or marketing
  • Orders assigned right - based on proximity and your historical performance


Maybe we should all just hand in our appraiser licenses and become realtors.  Then we can just run a quick search on a 1-mile radius of the house, determine the average price per square foot in the area, multiply that by the SF of the subject property (which is such a perfect method to value a house that I really don't know why they even use appraisers), and collect our $50.  We wouldn't have to worry about any legal ramifications from being wrong, or from not actually determining the true market value or putting in the time to properly analyze the property and the comparables.  I hear about agents doing 200+ BPO's a month, so at $50/ea that is $10k per month -- not too bad!

PS - No offense to the realtors that do BPO's, but you are never going to convince me that you are doing the analysis necessary to correctly value a house for $50, unless you are working for <$10/hr. 

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